Re-Action co-creates and implements wellbeing and regenerative programmes within communities and workplaces.

What does Re-Action do?

Our solutions are co-created to work for you by listening to your requirements and then collaborating with your people (employees). Our experience, nurtured through 17 years of demonstrating beneficial outcomes, grows with every impact and is a unique perspective on wellbeing. Here's what we do:

Health & Clinical Service Delivery

by facilitating Health Risk assessments, screening, linkage to care and case management. Specialists in HIV, TB, and PMTCP (Prevention of mother to child transmission) and chronic illness mitigation.

Workplace & Community resilience programmes

Mapping, profiling and direct face-to-face engagements to determine wellbeing needs, culminating in the implementation of effective Workplace & Community resilience programmes.

Managing COVID in the Workplace

sustaining employees through quarantine or, where a COVID-19 positive test result is returned, supporting these employees to return to work.

HIV Self Screening

projects in workplaces and their workplace communities.

Through Geospatial Mapping & Situational Analysis

to confirming community requirements. Bespoke solutions are implemented, allowing these communities to harness positive sustainable outcomes.

Health System Strengthening Projects for Community

Implementing agency and innovator for Health System Strengthening Projects for Community through Public-Private Mix initiatives Ideate • Design • Develop and implement social impact projects in collaboration with various role players

Our Values


We act with reliability and show respect.


We expect to be held accountable for our behaviour.


We are fervent about our business, people and the environment.


In our behaviour we are mindful of human beings and our environment.


We think, plan, act and review.


Do it right now and do it the “lean” way.

Where did it all start?

Working for one of South Africa’s largest transport logistics companies in 1992, a driver confided in me that he had tested positive for HIV/AIDS.  In those early days we had only one destination with our support needs in Johannesburg - the South African Institute for Medical Research under the wise guidance and leadership of Prof Ruben Sher.  Soon I was assisting several workplaces with their programs. My creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for Human Rights allowed me to leave my full time job and consult with large businesses, particularly those with a large human resource base.

The ‘Let's talk about AIDS flipchart’, accompanied by the first wooden condom demonstrators and flipcharts which were developed for low literate workplaces, soon found their way into mines, farming communities and constructions sites. 

Sharon White

From the original Aids Education and Training and driven by innovation to meet rising needs in this field, Re-Action - Responsible Action in Wellbeing and Sustainability evolved.  Manfred’s fundamental Nine Human Needs philosophy is the foundation of everything that we do and strive for at Re-Action. Professor Manfred Max Neef was my mentor and a dear friend and protagonist, who passed away in 2019. I met Manfred at Schumacher college in Totnes. My gratitude to Manfred will always spur me on to keep his way of wellbeing alive.

On-going growth affords us now also the skills to address Regeneration. Our spirit to stay agile, humble and creative has brought us the gift to be on the forefront of many changes that are now seen as the norm in South Africa

Wishing you well as you journey!

Sharon White

Founder of Re-Action

Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of 9 Human Needs by Manfred Max-Neef has played a profound role in all our work and still does. Our aim is how can we collaborate and make a difference in communities not only today but for the future.

As the founder of Human Scale Development and Barefoot Economics, Manfred said one needs to step into the mud and get your feet dirty. One needs to collaborate with communities at a human scale level. That's what we do - we believe that people, place and planet do matter. We believe, as a collective, we have to rise up above our circumstances so that we all may live a healthy and better life.

Our major pioneering programs

Meet with us so we can share more details on our major pioneering programs. Here's a summary:

Employing lay counsellors to screen persons with Rapid HIV kits (finger prick) in communities.

developing and implementing the first test and treat programme that brought HIV treatment to mine workers in South Africa.

test and treat sex workers for HIV and other primary health care issues from a mobile clinic van.

present primary health care services “to the last mile” of forgotten first people, the San in the Kgalagadi – the profound outcome here is future generations of San children born free of HIV.

set up partnerships with international mining companies that would lead to partnerships and clinics built on the ideal clinic plan.

our innovative application LOLA for Young women and adolescent girls.

our community resilience model that works with people in the community on psycho social and legal matter from a mobile.

A call centre that assists COVID positive patients to recover from COVID at home, hospital or an isolation facility.

The journey continues

The future of social enterprise lies with everyone. Because the global community and especially developing regions in Africa has for a long time ignored this responsibility; it is now falling to companies like Re-Action! and yourself to bring about change, improvement, and action, so that the status quo for future generations will be different.

Interested in taking a journey with us to find out more about how you can be part of this change?